Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Reading: Rediscovering a Past Time (Part 1)

     This week I read through some blogs by writers and rediscovered one of my favorite leisure time activities… Reading! I read articles about movies, articles about writing and some articles reviewing electronics. I really miss sitting down with a book or finding the spare time during the day to read a few blog/magazine/news articles. I commented on a few blogs, checked out some of their ads (that’s how they make a little money) and posted some information here.

     I found A Lilliputian's Journey while looking for a picture for Presently Its The Past and marked it for reading… when I had time. Finally after weeks of procrastination I finally read the entry. It was great and the subject matter dealt with topics I’ve struggled with on this blog and in other writing projects. The message of the article was stalwart yet compassionate with shades of humor; don’t give up.
     It was great reading about a writer crafting a story and struggling with some of the same issues I have been facing. It's a fun article, a good blog and I look forward to reading "The Willows: Haven". Check out the blog, visit some of her advertisers and while you're there you can check out my comment. There are many links to other writers and I look forward to traveling down the rabbit hole in search of more material.

From "Anna Claire Vollers"

     This has been a relaxing and rewarding task, hence the title "Part 1", that will be taking place over several weeks. On that note I am off to bed, look for more interesting articles for writing blogs to show up here (Like my friend Paul's Blog).

     Lastly, here’s a review of “Mirror, Mirror” that Katherine pointed out to me that confirms my suspicions about the movie. Read and enjoy the review for the spoilers and hack-kneed story conventions it exposes.


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