Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nothing: Another Week Failed

     I had a simple task this week, read blogs, post some comments and discuss the experience here.  Like the clip above, I cheated and did not read any blogs, post comments or discuss them here; so this week I deliver a post full of nothing!  Well, alright... I'll post a little info about my lack of attention and poor time management skills. 

     I'm really struggling right now with the discipline aspect of this blog and I have not been able to find a method to keep my eye on the prize.  I've tried keeping a journal of my time spent writing and completed a time log to see other areas of my life where I spent time.  I'm easily distracted and find many of the subtle details of polishing a draft, reviewing a movie or posting a blog entry very difficult to master.  I see the looming deadlines I set at the beginning of the year and I worry that I will fail to meet even one of the goals.

     The only way forward, for me, is to look back and see how I can tailor my habits to complete the tasks set for the future.  Starting with next week's assignment... I will read and respond to other blogs then post my findings here, because... I the words of the New Radicals, "You only get what you give".

     Thanks again for stopping by... this time next week, I will have some progress to report.  I've stumbled by I will move forward.  Thanks~

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