Tuesday, March 20, 2012

40 Movies and a Little More Reading

From "Between Keyboard and Chair"
     It's been 78 days since the start of 2012 and thus far I have watched 40+ movies from several different genres.  That's about a movie every 0.512820513 or a movie every other day. I've spent more time watching movies than reading or even writing for this blog. I have a viable outlet for review writing at Kronicles of KD and posting my recommendations on my 2012: A Year in Review, yet I have not capitalized on those. I have also tried to boost readership and camaraderie with other writers through this blog, but I have failed to read the works of others.

     So my goal for this week will be to read and comment on a hand full of blogs by other writers (maybe I will finally follow my own "p1c3" advice).  I will try to finish a review of one of the movies on the 2012: A Year in Review page and post it with some recommendations.  This week is about finding the time to do what I love and NOT just spending my time relaxing.

From "The White Ruffle"
      I know this week's entry was short, but I finally compiled the list of movies I've seen so far in 2012 and updated most of the HTML for my Amazon.com links.  I will be returning to writing more on my projects, but for now I will be reading, relaxing and enjoying life rather than piling on more stress.  With that last piece of business out of the way; thanks again for checking out Forcing the Issue, if you have any comments or suggestions for blogs I should be reading, please send me an email or leave a comment/review below.  If you do leave a comment please include a link to your blog or website so that I may view, review and leave comments in return.


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