Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reading the Weekend Away (Part 3)

     So once again I'm here on Monday evening rushing to meet the deadline.  I had a long, relaxing weekend with plenty of time to write an interesting article on time management, connecting with other writers/bloggers or even work on the d20 Adventure.  Is this another article all about reading other blogs in place of writing something of substance?

From "Left Field Wander"
     I did not do those things; instead I chose to focus on reading other blogs and take a break.  I have been struggling with time management (i.e. finding time to write) and even questioning my dedication.  I failed, in a sense, to create an article that I would find entertaining and worthy of a good read.  That is not a note of self pity or a plea for mercy from public scrutiny, it was simply a statement about the quality (or quantity) I would like to be producing.  (Even here I struggle with Tenses!)
     Before I get into to the excuses, complaints and justifications here is a little bit about me:
- I am married with no children
- I have a full time job in the tech industry
- I spend a few hours a week at the gym (and in the car during commutes)
- I watch a few movies a week (See 2012: A Year in Review)
- I have trouble finishing projects (Both writing and "...that door is still loose!")
- I have a many interests, but no activities that I truly consider "passions"
- I enjoy rambling articles with lists that begin with "I"
From "Southlake Public Library"
     Basically I struggle to find the time to write as well as remembering that I need to find the time to write.  I've been told by friends and family that if I did not do something, like writing a second draft, it was not overly important.  I disagree with that statement to my very core, but on some level I do agree with logic.  I struggle and fail at various writing projects and have not yet found the kernel of knowledge that sets my writing schedule with ease.  That is a subject that has been brewing for quiet sometime and I've starting searching other blogs for information.  Maybe the following blog articles hold some wisdom that could help me (or you) to stay on target and continue writing...

Cozy Mysteries, crazy life

Dangers Untold and Hardships Unnumbered
Michelle Krys

Tales of an intrepid pantster

     I really enjoyed reading the blogs and relaxing over the weekend. I will be completing a long overdue entry for my home/art/cooking blog "Doin' Sh*t With Pat" next week.  Since I never find the time to even write for this blog, I will be focusing what little will I do have on completing that article.  Until that time, thank you for sticking around to read this ridiculous rant and please check out the blogs above or rate/comment on this entry below.

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