Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Completed a DSWP Entry

"From Men's Body Wash @ Doin' Sh*t With Pat"

     Well I finally completed the long overdue entry for my "Doin' Sh*t With Pat" blog.  It's not the best article, but it's finished and I am ready to move on.  I should not have used the Men's Body Wash project as the first entry, but it was a learning experience.
     The hardest part I have had with "Forcing the Issue" and "Doin' Sh*t With Pat" was the editing/formatting.  I spent the majority of the time fighting with the Blogger interface trying to format the article in a readable fashion.  I did that for each blog entry here as well.  It could very well be a 2:1 ratio in favor of format fighting vs. writing.

Do you stuggle with the same issues?  Find yourself obsessing over the details rather than participating in something you enjoy?  Look at the clock and wonder where all the valuable writing time ran away?

The next DSWP should be much easier and should be up in the next week or two.  I think that I may further discuss the topic of time expenditure here at Forcing the Issue.

P.S. I added more movies to the 2012: A Year in Review page (I need to get on those recommendations and reviews!)

Thank you once again for checking out my blog~

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