Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reading: The Journey to the Sofa (Part 2)

From "Palm Springs Savant: Rick Rockhill"

     So once again I have done some writing but sidelined my goals to recoup from some busy weeks. This week I again look to connect with and/or read other blogs and see who others are progressing and perfecting their art. Below you will find a link to a blog along with my reflections on the post.

     This week I will be looking at "Kim's Craft Blog"

     The blog has lots of great information on writing and the world of publishing. It's a wonderful resource and a delightful read. I found the article on the disappearing bookstores to be especially poignant, since I was discussing that subject with friends the other day. Many little shops and places I loved to hang out seem to keep disappearing. That is not the truth; I just stopped looking for them and digital culture is training me NOT to look for them (why rent/purchase when I can stream/torrent?). I miss the hunt!
      She talked about how it had been a time since her last visit to the book store and it resonated in how I got stuck in a pattern of shopping. I no longer sought out books, movies, music or video games like I had in the past. I did not search stores, shanties and second-hand shops looking for the last volume of the Ravenloft series. I was guilty for not supporting local businesses and not supporting the authors/artists that I drove my passion for writing/music.
     That was probably not her intent, but as I read the article and I found it motivational; a call to arms, if you will. I will be looking for ways to lend my support to blogs, authors, musicians and businesses. That is a goal that will be appearing here... more on supporting fans, friends, idols, businesses and peers.

The link below takes you to Amazon through Kim's portal.
Checkout her book: "Teaching the Dog to Think: My Year of Dog Agility Training with My Collie, Willow"

* Also check out the Bouncing Souls' new single off of the upcoming album "Comet" being co-released with Portland's Rise Records! Here's the video...

Thanks again, this week has been a little scattered and I hope to return to my normal writing groove soon!  Not my best work, but it's done.

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