Monday, January 9, 2012

Less Talk, More Rock

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     I’m keeping up with the plans laid out in the last article, but the vibrancy was nowhere to be found this week.  It may be the sophomore slump or a post holiday lull, but it’s been difficult to refocus on writing.  As the blog title states and this entry proposes; I will be forcing myself to shut-up and write!
     Looking back at the articles from last year, the vast majority of them were just a gust of hot air.  Like, “Ten Chapters (…and a Little More)” where I only discussed the “chapters” and the writing I was working on at the time.  There was nothing of substance in the article.  It was like a card trick with no “Ten of Hearts” reveal at the end. 
     Then there was the article that delivered too little of the product and had loads of packaging along with exposition.  In “Trying to “Keep on, Keeping on” I posted only two paragraphs of the Kids’ Christmas Book.  Seriously, only two!  I described the mood and tone I was looking for in the piece, but left the page so bare that it would be difficult for a professor to glean even a hint of ambiance of the scene.   Once the wrapping is discarded, the product is sub par and a little hard work applied, it might be ready for the light of day.
     After the realization that I was not giving the level of effort I intended I decided to shut up and write even more.  I’ve started another blog about household projects, with a title based on a script posted here, called “Doin’ Sh*t With Pat”.  I am currently creating another blog that will be posted here shortly and will be a place to post writing prompts, discuss your own writing and share your experiences (Remember “p1c3”).  Lastly, I am writing a review on a new book for a friend’s site, which will be revealed here in short order. 
     Once again, I blather on about all the writing I am currently working on, but do not “show” any.  So without further ado, I give you my entry for the One Minute Writer prompt “Moment":

It’s really a lame moment, one that is about solitude and fall.  I would often walk the campus around school in the dying autumn evenings and ponder life as the leaves fell and the smoke filled the air.

Before signing off, I wanted to pose a few questions:
1) What would be a good word count for a sample of a chapter/short story?
2) How often should an example or section for discussion be posted?
3) Would you care to post/share a sample of your current project?

Any and all comments are welcome. 
     Thank you for checking out Forcing the Issue and happy writing~

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