Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trying to “Keep on, Keeping on”

     For the most part I have spent most of my free time reading (The 4-Hour Body), watching movies (Never Let Me Go), and writing approx. 100+ usable words per day. 
     In order to meet my deadline I created a basic outline for the kids’ Christmas book and write random scenes as the mood strikes.  This is not the most effective or efficient way to complete a manuscript, but I find that it is a good way to keep myself motivated to produce.  I’ll sit down to write and continue writing a scene until the keyboard runs out of breath (..too many mixed metaphors?).  Near the end of October I will compile the scenes and write the links or bridges between them.  In following this method, I hope it keeps my focused and on track to complete the book on time.
     I am progressing with the first draft fairly well, but I’m finding several occasions that I am NOT tailoring the word choice or syntax to the audience, kids.  Like the section below which I envisioned a little kid giving a rousing war/locker room speech like those in Patton or Independence Day.  The image might not have the same impact with kids and I want to make sure the vision I have for the story is not simplified or made overly complex by poor word choice.  I feel that the words are dancing back and forth between adult and kid level expressions.  I present the following as a small example of my difficulty with word choice:

     NAME#3 stood up straight and turned his smile upside down to make his face look tough.  He stood on his tiptoes and spoke to the kids in a stern voice.  He told the kids a story about a snowball battle his Grandfather told him and the courageous kids that clashed with the snowpeople.

     Despite the stumbling with word choice, I am producing a good amount of writing each day.  It’s exciting to see the numbers grow from incremental efforts.  I’ve never been very good at tackling small pieces of a larger project, but this method/madness seems to be providing results.

     Thanks for checking out the progress, please take a moment to leave a comment.  Vote for your favorite character names on the left-hand side of the page (I'm having difficulty settling on character names, hence the "NAME#3") 

     Look for more sneak peeks next week… (See what I did right there? – ha ha ha)

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  1. This is really exciting for me, watching this project come to fruition for you! Have you tried and searched for the "popular" names, or maybe you're going for the less common? That's where I often went when I needed inspiration, it also actually helped me to know what the names meant, strange, right?