Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ten Chapters (…and a Little More)

     Currently I have Ten "chapters" for the Kids’ Christmas Book (See - Trying to "Keep on, Keeping on") and will be finalizing the first draft within the next few weeks. The chapters need to link through "bridges" and then be edited for tone and content. Since I wrote most of the story out of sequence, similar to how movies are shot to maximize the time with actors and locations, it is going to be a messy editing process.

     As I head in to "Novel Writing Month" I will be focusing on the finer aspects of writing/editing. Word choice, evaluating/cutting entire sections for narrative continuity and keeping the audience in mind will be my major focus during the editing. Moving in to the second draft around Thanksgiving, I will be relying on some readers to highlight the weak parts of the story. After the text is closer to completion, I will be moving on to the layout and presentation of the book.

     There will be some artwork in the book, but what quality and who will create them is still up in the air. It will be a few simple black and white pieces to highlight some interesting scenes and a piece of cover art. After the second draft I will either begin sketching out some drafts of the artwork or sending out a call to friends, family and the internet for help.

     All in all this entry is short, but it’s exciting that I am finally drawing close to completing a draft of the Kids’ Christmas Book. Check back for more updates and I might even post an unedited "chapter" for all to enjoy. So in the words of the immortal Bob Ross "I'd like to wish you happy [writing], and
God bless".

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