Thursday, December 15, 2011

Reaching the Finish Line… and Face Plant!

     I’ve completed the draft of the Christmas Kids’ Book and have moved on to the editing phase.  After a few sick days and plenty of family activities for the Holidays, I’m back on track.  This project reminds me of several projects; I start out great and work hard but then lose interest. I often tackle activities like an over-enthusiastic skater in a “bail video
who ends up landing a face plant before completing the task.
     I’ve decided to complete the book, but post-pone the “publishing”.   My normal MO is to complete 90%, take a break, then slide in to finish line with a subpar product.  After all the work and months of belaboring the topic, it would be embarrassing to publish a crappy book and give it as a gift.  This is not a waving white flag of resignation, but a time to regroup and complete the book with flying colors.  It feels like the tipping point that will set me on a new path; I need to complete the book and start a new chapter of my life. 
     The bulk of the writing is complete and there are a few minor details associated with editing left to conquer.  The editing/redrafting will take place over the next few months with a short break before publishing.  I am not trying to excuse my failure to meet the goal I set here and posted on Writer's Digest.  I am merely finding a different route to completing the book and maintaining a life beyond the printed page.
     Over the next few weeks I will be devising a plan to produce more poignant and coherent writing, both on this blog and in my projects.  I’ve tried a few different approaches to ensuring that I write and create some publishable material (I’m still going to shoot for 30 minutes of writing per weekday).  Although I have faltered while pursuing the various exercises in continuance, I have become more diligent and conscious of deadlines and setting goals.  In the next few weeks the plan will unfold with more information presented here.
     Just like the aforementioned face-planted skater (ala “Pat Splat” – of the Garbage Pail Kids), I have not given up.  I have not given in.  I may have fallen, but dust can be brushed aside and bruises will heal.  I will persevere.

Inspiration Quote of the Week:
     It's not whether you get knocked down; it's whether you get back up. ~ Vince Lombardi


  1. I'm really happy for you, especially that you're not pushing yourself to complete sub-par material simply due to a self-imposed deadline. Over the past years we've both talked a lot about writing and about our goals & I really think that you're on track for what you want to accomplish; you're making a lot of headway. Over the past few months you've been getting your feet wet, figuring out how you want to accomplish what you've always know you want to do and I think it's awesome that you're getting everything set up to do so. btw, love that you're using a Vince Lombardi quote, good quote too.

  2. Thanks for the support Katherine, I'm not sure I would have kept this up without your help. I'm hopeful that I will be able to build on the foundation laid here and write some fun stories.

    and lastly... Go Pack Go!