Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Fu-Fu Bum and a Christmas Top 5

     I'll start out with a shameless plug for the Christmas album New Clear Winter; an album I produced a few years ago.  Click the “Featured Product” link to check it out on Amazon.  Thanks~

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     So I took a moment during the Thanksgiving weekend and had a great time writing a top 5 list of Alternative Christmas songs for Dude, I’m in a Band (Thanks Dave!).  It was great to go through some old songs and wax nostalgic about Christmas.  Most of the story is told on the Dude, I’m in a Band blog, but the crazy finale involving the Fu-Fu Bum resides here….

     The number one song brought back great memories of a great day preparing for Christmas with my girlfriend (…now, Wife - Heather).  We had hot chocolate by the fire, wrapped presents, had pizza at Juliano’s, went to a great show, met some fun fans, ate some Voodoo Doughnuts and had encounter with the Fu-Fu Bum.
     We parked around the corner from the Berbati’s Pan and walked over to the poorly lit entrance.  We looked around a bit then picked out some modest doughnuts.  I wasn’t really a big fan of the bacon maple bar; the breakfast cereal topped doughnut was just right.  We walked to the car, wholly unprepared for the unexpected meeting.
     I opened the passenger side door for Heather and from the other side of the street shuffled what looked to be a man in a tattered tweed overcoat and a knit cap.  He flagged us down and I stepped to the end of the car to greet the stranger.  He didn’t appear menacing, but for safe measure I placed myself between Heather and our new friend.  When he reached the middle of the street he paused and pitched back in surprise.
     After a moment he sauntered over and introduced himself as the “Fu-Fu Bum”.  He politely asked what I was doing with her, as he pointed to Heather.  I said that she was my girlfriend and he nearly collapsed on the spot in amazement.  Heather and I were both a little confused that our relationship could be so confounding, but we went with it to find out more.  I asked him why that was so amazing and he blurted out some gratifying words.
     The Fu-Fu Bum exclaimed that I was standing next to the personification of Aphrodite!  Heather and I both were perplexed by the complimentary words.  We were both attending WSU Vancouver studying English Literature and had a few courses that covered Greek mythology.  I knew what the idiom could be referring and was not sure that I liked the direction the Fu-Fu Bum was taking the conversation.  It was amazing that someone wondering the street would drop a mythological reference; it was like the “Fool” in Shakespearian literature providing the profound truths.
     After we recovered from the shock, we prepared to leave.  Heather got in the car and wisely locked the door while I spoke to the Fu-Fu Bum.  I was expecting a string of inappropriate comments and was treated to some words of admiration bordering on extravagance.  He said that I was very fortunate, gave me a high five and then walked off down the street.  We sat in the car for a moment in stunned silence, started the car and headed home.

     He may have had a few rhymes in a rap or he may have asked for a couple bucks, I don't remember.  He brightened our evening then disappear in to the night.  That's the mystery of the Fu-Fu Bum.  Only in Portland… gotta love it~

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   P.S. Tonight I scheduled 30 minutes (9:30 – 10:00 PM) to write, edit and blog.  I will be doing this 5 days a week and will re-schedule the time if something comes up (i.e. the movie runs long, I run for a longer time on the treadmill, Christmas).  At the very least, my weekly average for writing “work” will be 2.5 hours per week (…and calculating in my hourly wage, I stand to make… NOTHING!  - hahaha [Adam Carolla, from the Ace on the House Podcast])

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