Monday, August 22, 2011

Starting the Show

Call it A.D.D., sloth, or good ol’ lack of gumption, but I rarely follow through with writing projects I begin.  The time to set goals, deadlines, and finally make a contribution to the culture has finally arrived.  Cliché cliché cliché.

Well after 30 years it is finally time to grow up and put on big boy pants.  Here are the Goals and Deadlines I have set for these projects:
·         Goal#1 – Write, edit and print a book for my nieces and nephews.
                Deadline – Christmas 2011
·         Goal#2 – Create d20 adventure module for friends.
                Deadline – January 2012

I am forcing myself to create and produce content both for this site and the projects listed above, hence Forcing the Issue.


  1. I like it - great post! One question though (and forgive me if I repeat myself, seems as if my first comment didn't save) what is a d2 adventure module?

  2. A d20 adventure module is an “adventure” or story for a d20 game that can fit in to a larger storyline or “campaign”. Often the d20 game is of the Dungeons & Dragons variety. I will be creating an adventure that can be played out with different characters and encounters. It will be a collaborative “Choose Your Own Adventure” style… adventure.

    This website has more information about the d20 system:

  3. What is your book about?

  4. Sorry Brad, you’ll have to wait for the Holidays to see how the Snow People try to stop Santa and destroy Christmas.

    Maybe your boys will read it to you - hahaha