Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Where is the Time Spent?

From "Spectrum Industries Furniture Blog"
     Lately I’ve been running behind on every project, book and family event. Rather than continue the process of completing Forcing The Issue’s posts at 1:00 A.M. Tuesday morning, I’ll be looking at where all my time is spent. I also encourage you to do the same. Keep a time log of your week; see how much time is spent on non-essential, yet relaxing and rewarding activities.

     I started seeing fewer and fewer times of the day when I when I was able to fit in a block for writing. Although I have managed to meet my deadlines thus far, it’s not been conducive to fulfilling social activities or restorative sleep cycles. Family, work, and relaxation all suffered from either poor planning or simply a lack of time. If I am to progress in my writing, I need to manage my time better and commit to producing more... but where? And when?

From "Geoffrey Philp"

     So I kept a log of my daily habits, broken in to 30 minute incriments, to visually represent where I am spending my time/life.  KD Benji graciously offered to keep a similar log of daily activities for comparison.  She attend some college courses, works, writes and tries to maintain a social life.  Everyone is pressed for time these days, maybe I'm guilty of "Golden Age Thinking" like Gil in Midnight in Paris, but I find that I'm often too busy worrying about "what's next" to enjoy today.

     ...And with that said, I'm going to bed now, just before the clock strikes Valentine's.  This entry is a little light on the content, but I hope to learn and share a great deal this week.  Thanks again for reading along.  If you have any suggestions, critiques or Quemments please leave a note below.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Coming later this week:

Next Week’s Topic
  • Conclusion of the “Time Log Experiment


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  1. I am excited to see your time log. I think I might do something similar because I seem to have trouble finding time to write and workout and sometimes even to read, GASP! I have not been as religious about blogging as you but I am improving. I think looking at my time in this manner might be a huge help, thanks for the idea!