Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Battle: The Return of the Writer

From "Star Wars Aficionado Magazine"

     The final battle commences as the Writer faces off with the "wretched hive of scum and villainy"; Outlines and Free-Writing.  Who will emerge the victor?  Will the Writer follow through and restore balance to the universe?  Will there ever be an end to the constant nerdy Star Wars references?  After this post... yes!

From "Sons of Twilight"
     I wrote the "Battle" posts to discover a better form to ground the beginnings for my writing. I thought that it might prove helpful for writing projects and with blog posts. What really stood out was the joy of form and function over fashion. The Free-Writing was very difficult to master with any sense of accomplishment; it was a little too free. When I was presented with a topic, an ending or a basic starting point I was able to write constructively. I found that using an outline, for me was like the Force, as described by Obi-Wan in the following clip:

     This makes me wonder... does this mean that I choose the Dark Side?  Is the rigor and sleek lines of the Empire so aluring and goal oriented that I loose free will?  One benefit was the direction and theme of the posts, but that proved to be more of a burden.  Starting from a place of confusion or purgatory was somewhat paralyzing, but after I plotted the "Triology" posts, the writing became like a second nature.

     I do not know the ture answer to these questions, but I do know that I have learned a valuable lesson about my writing process.  All I need is a point of reference and a direction; Forcing the Issue will do the rest!

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Over the next few weeks I will be talking about time expenditure and how to fit in that wonderful yet elusive exercise of writing.

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