Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Year With No Progress

     Another year, another Mother’s Day, came and went with little impression that I was serious about writing.  My intention was to take a few weeks and gather some steam then dive back in boldly.  Sadly that was not the case.  I looked back at the Forcing The Issue, Doin' Sh*t With Pat, and Kronicles of KD from time to time with feelings of amusement, longing and a dash of shame.
This is a Sunflower that I failed to cultivate
properly in the
Three Sisters tradition.

     Over the last year I bounced between various interests and completely ignored writing.  I strayed from a life of simplicity or focusing on one pursuit, by taking on several passions, while truly devoting to none of them.  I watched far too many movies/TV shows (I even failed to Log all of the movies I watched in 2012).  I did not read any significant literature and spent too much time at the gym (with very little changed in my overall physical fitness).  The constant shift in interest left me feeling like I was plugging the leaks in a dam and praying that it would not burst.  All of the activities fought for my time and led to inattention, then apathy and finally... abandon. 

     The shucking of responsibility was wonderful, but the specter of languishing creative projects haunted my shadow.  I truly enjoyed the time spent with family and friends although my heart longed for the outlet or release of crafting new narratives.  Priorities shifted and it meant ignoring the visceral desire to create characters, settings and storyboards in favor of fun, family and consuming culture.  A void grew within me faster than expected and had a palpable effect on my demeanor.

     I had grand ideas about writing a Children's book for Christmas, a d20game module and taking part in writing discussions; but those goals were far too lofty for this novice.  Over the last year I considered how and where I would like to be, personally and professionally, in the near future.  The path I was following did not lead toward any of the goals I had previously stated.  I was distraught over the lack of focus and progress.

     I am determined to move forward with attainable goals and smaller benchmarks to generate progress toward becoming a more prolific writer.  The ultimate goal is to transition into publishing my writing in a professional context and generating a fulfilling creative experience.  Thanks for reading~

Looking forward: Memorial Day...

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  1. Ambitious but attainable ultimate goal, I look forward to seeing you map out how you're going to get there.